Thursday, 30 December 2010

Lovely start to the morning

I'm not using drugs, I know I have HepC but the heroin I was using IV was the worse most terrible thing I could possibly do, I was told. After all, thats why its illegal, isn't it.
I have cut my drinking down a lot.
But this morning my nan went out to do some shopping, I had had my methadone about 40minutes before and I felt sick. I went to the toilet, too slow, as some went on the floor, and I puked up. It didn't hurt, I didn't retch at all as I had drunk a whole bottle of mineral water with lemon flavouring. So I didnt retch... so this is why I got scared....

Usually being sick hurts as I have nothing in my stomach and I'm dry retching and brining up bile. This wasn't the case.
As I first was sick I tasted saltyness,
and there in the toilet bowl was bright red fresh blood. Not clotted, brand new, beautifully red. About 3 tablespoons full from what I could tell (I got a container and picked it out the toilet bowl water to check, so this is excluding the sick and blood on the floor). My mum is a nurse so when she saw this she was scared; she thought I was overexaggerating.

Not good. I thought all my problems were over when I stopped taking heroin.
Turns out, they are only just beginning.


Gledwood said...

I'm praying that was a one-off. Don't be like me and avoid the drs. I've done a lot of that at various times you know what it's like.

Take care and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR :-)

Laura said...

Go to the doctors and make sure you're okay! hope things go well for you in 2011 Naomi,


pinkpressthreat said...

I agree with Gledwood and Laura..just pop down the doctors,and put your mind at rest.I'm no expert,but sometimes bleeding in the stomach can be caused by taking pills (as innocent as paracetemol or aspirin),esp.on an empty stomach.Drinking too,although I know you've cut down.Hope you feel better today :)

BMelonsLemonade said...

This would probably not happen from Hep C. But, drinking a lot with Hep C puts a lot of strain on your liver. The good news is that there is pretty good treatments out there for Hep C. People hear all the rumors about how painful the Hep C treatments are, and how they should only be used when the Hep C is bad...but that is not really the case any more. A lot of methadone clinics in the states encourage their c;lients with Hep C to see a doctor. There are treatments now that can put the Hep C "in remission" , of sorts. Ask your methadone counselor about treatment options around you, and maybe thany can refer you to a doctor you wopuld feel more comfortable with. It is imortant to feel comfortable with your doctor because as an addict (or former addict) you need to be able to tell your doctor the truth about your history. Definitly, see a doctor.

Gledwood said...


And now back to YOU:~~~

I hope all that stressfullness is cleared up soon.
I'm glad your Mum's a nurse it means you'll find it harder to do a me.
Last time I had abscesses I had an open sore on one leg and an untoward swelling on the other. I did go down the drs but for another reason. Due to having been put under duress to give up the needle (and of course lying, as nothing will part me and my beloved needles as long as I'm using)... due to all this I couldn't even tell my own dr the truth which just goes to show how FUCKED UP the drug clinic/NHS system actually is. My abscesses healed on their own, but not without leaving a 3rd degree burn type scar on one leg...
And I sacked my Hitlerian worker. I found out afterwards I wasn't the only client to dump her. Shortly after that she left. I really should make a formal complaint I was treated incredibly badly.

Now Naomi my point being don't let side issues stop you getting medical tests you NEED. Please go in and get the done. You owe it to yourself.


Sorry if I'm going on darling I just want you to be all right

pinkpressthreat said...

I've only been following your blog a week or two,but I'm really impressed by the advice your friends are giving you here - you deserve respect on an equal footing to that of someone with,let's say,diabetes,or any other illness,because,as we all know,addiction is a disease (got the tee-shirt!).I hope you have a good relationship with your doctor,Naomi - many doctors ARE understanding about addiction.Sometimes we may need to find another one,but more often than not the doc needs to simply be made aware of our needs.Take care,girl x

Gledwood said...

How's it going?

Ruby Tuesday said...

Naomi I had an ulcer at 23, make sure you get what ever it is can be something as simple as a course of tablets, but you need to get it sorted. I hope all is ok xx

Ruby Tuesday said...
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Gledwood said...

Naomi how are you please post!