Thursday, 1 March 2012

Anonymous, Anonymous, where thou art my hater?

Quick Note: Always amazes me how on the internet people don't dare comment and provide their names and emails and urls if they have one. I am a mother, I am hardly going to hunt you down or curse you out am I? And if I know you in real life, I wouldn't bother retaliating, its not in my nature. So why not be honest. If you are in my 'real life' then feel free to comment, everybody judges, its human nature. But you actually don't really have any proof or evidence to back up what you are saying- or do you? They only way I think you could possibly is if you know me personally in the real world. For all those that are wondering what I am on about- check the last comment on the previous post. "Anonymous" said my sober time didn't last long and they hope Carson has been removed from my care but suspect he may have been already.

I realise I haven't updated in an extremely long time. I would say shame on me but for once, it is not just me being a slacker, it is because I genuinely am very, very busy.
I started University in January 2012 and I absolutely love it. It feels so good to be back in education, using my brain, working towards something (a successful future).
My sister has a full-time job so she could no longer care for my son, which left me with no other option but to find childcare outside of the family. My mum is a full-time nurse so that was an impossibility, my nanna is 86 so it would be unfair to make her do that... Oh yeah, my sister finally found a job which she had been searching for since graduating from university. I heard people hark on about the economic climate but until I saw it first hand I really didn't appreciate how catastrophic things were and how jobs were increadibly hard to come by. Anyway, back onto the subject... childcare and nurseries in Cambridgeshire were full to the brim with most waiting lists either closed or over a year long. I was resigning myself to having to delay my course start by a year when the Gods clearly shon down on me and a place opened up at an absolutely superb nursery with an excellent OFSTED inspection. My sisters son went there previously and he adored it, as does Carson. Each day when I collect him I am given a report on his day; what he has eaten, played with, activities etc. etc. I was worried how he would get on but each day I leave him he doesn't shed a tear, and when I pick him up I am informed what a- and i quote- "absolute superstar" he is. There are 6 children in his room to 4 staff. His room is for 3months-2 year olds, him being the youngest. I feel totally at ease leaving him there and he is thriving.

He is nearly 7 months old now and he is eating and drinking out of a dodie cup (like an adult cup basically, as it has no lid or spout). He refuses a bottle with a teat and while its messy (he likes to tip half the liquid down himself) it is better for his teeth in the long-run as bottles are not advised for use after 1 year. Hopefully as he doesn't have a soother either and never has done, his teeth will be super duper. Oh, yeah, he even has teeth now! Doesn't time fly? He is on the move I don't dare turn my back for a moment to go into another room unless he is in his jumparoo or his bumbo otherwise he will roll or shimmy to god knows where!
Everybody comments on him and says what a beautiful, happy, contented little boy he is. Personally, I would have loved to do the whole marriage thing, and bring up a child with both a mother and father but things don't always happen the way you want. And logically, you could be married but the Dad could kick seven shades out of the mother every night and mess the child up big time, or you could have a single parent who is extremely happy and brings up the child extremely well. Who is more likely to turn out better?
I'm content alone and he has many people around him that love him and adore him. He is the happiest baby I have seen in a long time. He is my world. My absolute world.

I am about to go to a lecture and the professor is so strict I don't dare turn up late, no way!
I will write more later and I shall post some photos of Carson, you have to say how big he has got.
Also, I am on Day 4 of no drinking, I have decided I need to lose weight and I have a feeling the thing stopping me is all that calorific beer!

Golly... I don't drink, smoke or take drugs! What left is there to do? Oh yeah, love my son, learn and finally do some living.