Friday, 10 April 2009

same ol' same ol'

Monday, I got taken out to the pub by a beautiful, hot guy who seems to really like me. Problem? Well, no problem unless you consider a problem to be that he happens to be a heroin addict who is also sleeping with men to fund his habit despite being "straight". I have been avoiding him like the plague since we departed from our date. Why? I don't know why, it has nothing to do with what he does because I love him, but I am so fucked up, I am honestly asking myself how could I ever engage in a relationship when I am like this.

Tuesday: I went and actually got some money, £50. I rang up Amy, a girl who is 20, my age (nearly) and asked if she wanted some drugs. DINGDINGDING dumb question. She has no money, and no drugs so she wasn't exactly going to decline, was she? I got two £20 bags of heroin and one £20 of crack cocaine. I gave her one of the heroin, and gave her most of the crack since I don't really like it. I made it last from Tuesday till Thursday since I know I had my methadone to take, too. That and, I can't be falling asleep around my twin nieces and my family, otherwise they will know I am right back where I started.

Today, I had saved my money and not purchased drugs. I wanted to be STRONG. I had one pint of beer/cider (a snakebite & black; 1/2 cider, 1/2 beer & a dash of blackcurrant) and went to the doctors to get my methadone script A.K.A Liquid Handcuffs then proceeded to go back to my sisters and treat the kids to lollies and easter eggs. then i just went in, and drunk. and sat and thought about what i am to do.


Kenia said...

Hi! your beauty is big!!!! You look a model!

kelly Al-Saleh said...

Well done for keeping hold of money.
It burns a hole in my pocket. simple equation: ££=b
Have been more off the wagon than on. Going back to subs tomorrow and dreading it. The 1st 3 days r no fun. it's the feeling of flatness that gets me most. telling myself at least it's nothing like full-blown withdrawal.
Hang in there girl. Hope your arm is better?
Are you working at the moment? What do you do to keep busy - i ask cos you listed loads of hobbies.

take care
x Kelly-le-belly

kelly Al-Saleh said...

ps. i can understand your dilemma regarding bloke.
My problem is a 'clean' bloke would run a mile from me. who wants a junkie girlfriend? But then another user could spell disaster especially if his use is worse than mine.

x k