Sunday, 15 March 2009

my arm, my arm!

On my right arm I have two abcesses; one above the crook of my arm, the other just slightly above my wrist. That one is 10 times the size as the other and is so whoppingly huge and painful I cannot take it. It has made my arm swell from fingertip to shoulder and I cannot move my fingers, or bend my arm. I can only brush my hair with my left hand and apply my make-up with the same and since I am right handed, its making everything take longer by about five fold. This abcess is so huge I cannot explain. My arm is the size of my calf. I am on 3 types of antibiotics 2 4 times a day, 3 4 times a day and another 3 4 times a day. It isn't making a difference but I go to the doctors in the morning to renew my methadone script so I am not worrying too much. I just took 4 codydramol, on my 3rd can of special brew so the pain has subsided SLIGHTLY. also been rubbing germolene into it, which is a local anaesthetic. helps a tad. I woke up this morning vommiting violently; that is what happened the last time I had an abcess. It actually makes me seriously sick. I have a high temperature and my pharmacist noticed today when I went to pick up my methadone I looked deathly pale and was sweating profoundly. Part and parcel of a abcess and of drug abuse. Occupational hazzard I am afraid.

Junkylife has now gone; I have purchased a domain & hosting but I am too dumb to make a layout. I have lost my only outlet (junkylife) and I feel detached and sorrowful; I need to work on it asap as it was the only last bit of purpose I had.


marie said...

The arm thing sounds very painful... yuck... hey ... hang in there...

Gledwood said...

You really wanna get that properly looked at if it's making you that ill that's not a good sign at all.

What happened to Junkylife..?

I went through most of the set-up procedure with them, then baulked at the fact someone else appeared to have 100% access to my blog and thought well I might as well blog at Blogger... aye and I still do!

kelly Al-Saleh said...

You're back!!! So glad to hear/read you again! Was worried by the silence.

PLEASE GET THAT ARM SEEN TO ASAP. SEPTECIMIA (spelling??!!), blood-poisoning is what I'd worry about catching. Please please see someone. Also be careful with some codeine medication as the paracetamol amount is v.high and therefore toxic to the liver.

Did the subs not work then? I've been off the wagon for a week (or 2 or 3...) and went on my sub today after 12 hours since last toot (don't inject). Apart from squirty arse, sweaty face and feeling haunted heeby jeebies i'm ok. don't know how long will last. so easily + willfully led astray.

please take care sweetie. x lebelly

Boston Joe said...

damn that sounds PAINFULL!! I have (knock on wood) never had a "real" absess, just little ones, but can't the like drain it?? I know people I know who had bad ones had to go and get em drained cause the infection will start to spread into your blood which requires hospitalization and really REALLY SUCKS.. good luck and stay safe..

JP said...

Reading things like this make me happy people won't let me use needles. That sounds absolutely horrible! Hope you have a speedy recovery. Makes me light headed just thinking about it.

kelly Al-Saleh said...

Hi Naomi,

Hope your arm is sorted and you're getting better.
The only thing I had that was similar (in terms of vomiting) was a kidney infection. 1st couldn't stomach food, was sweating like a pig and hot and cold. Shaking so bad the bed was shaking with me (reminded me of 'The Exorcist'). By day 3 couldn't even do water even though thirsty.

I thought this has got to be bad if I can't keep water down - the most basic requirement for survival.

Funny thing is that initially I thought it was withdrawal. This was before I was hooked and was only using once or twice a week. I thought 'this is it, I'm hooked' so I asked my friend to get me some b (he didn't allow me the dealers no. in an attempt to stop me getting hooked. Got it 2 months later when he used my mobile to call one).

Anyway, chased it and still felt ill. was partly relieved wasn't due to lack of b but that got me later.

Finally phoned NHS and they said get to A&E now! took a test and was told could have died of kidney failure if waited another 48 hours.

Take care