Wednesday, 19 December 2007

CHRISTMAS vultures

Today I have had to endure being pushed, shoved, knocked into things, tutted at, sworn at… which can only signify one thing- its the run up to Christmas and I went to the mall to buy presents! Big mistake leaving it all so late. It was pure hell. I lost count of the amount of times I said ‘Sorry’ for accidently stepping in somebodies way and have them tut and comment on my lack of spacial awareness. Don’t you just hate the Christmas Vultures. Yes you know who you are; you ruthlessly dash about knocking down anything and anyone in your way, you won’t even think twice about snatching a toy from the hands of a child who has just picked it, the last one, off the shelf and you tut tut tut at everyone and make Christmas Shopping a truly horrible experience for everyone who DARES to cross your path. Anyway, I actually managed to get some things. JUST. Vintage Pink Kitchen Pots for Caroline my sister, plus a beautiful double bed size Pink Fur Throw. My twin nieces, Barbie Walkie Talkies and a kids electric guitar each (its this totally wicked guitar with tons of Aerosmith stylee noises- since they are 4 i opted for a pretend one). Nanna, loads of special brew and figgy puddings and Palmers Cocoa Butter. Going to get her a wok though. Couldn’t resist treating myself to 2 beautiful corsets from Warehouse SPOTLIGHT @ Debenhams. My mum convinced me to try on a red one (very 50s looking, which I ultimately purchased, its under the cut) and I never thought red and red hair would go together, but alas, according to her and the shop assistant it did, so I got it. And I also got a beautiful beaded one. Still have loads more to buy for however. Which is proving tricky considering everytime I get money it goes straight away on heroin. I got given £40 last night from Tim and I rung up for some gear. It was about 7.30pm and it was so eerie out, so misty and foggy, you couldn’t see 8 metres infront of you it was that bad. I had no credit on my phone so I had to stand and wait…and wait… eventually I went to a phonebox, and they asked me to meet them elsewhere. They kept me there until 8.50pm. God, if stores treated you like that, you would never go back to them and they’d go out of business. But people aren’t addicted to clothes like we are to heroin. They know they can treat us how they want and we will still come crawling at one point or another. Grrrrrrrrr.
Anyway, got to knock it on the head. Christmas Shopping and being in the mall gave me a taste of the life I used to have… when I had money and used to go on holiday, buy all the clothes i wanted, had wicked electrical goods… everything (within reason). I want to get that back. Must go.