Sunday, 31 December 2006

iraq tyrant executed

I didn’t turn on the news today or anything, infact, I stayed swiftly away. But 3 of my friends called to tell me that S. Hussein had been executed. It is still the holidays, I barely have anything to do apart from catch up on my clothing orders, so I have been browsing my favourite blogs, checking them out and seeing how things are treating people. Unsuprisingly, the former Iraqi Dictators execution seems to be the topic on the majorities list. My Momma rang me this morning and told me what she had seen on the news; him being led to the gallows by men in balaclavas. Me and my Mum seldom agree on anything; but today was different. She begun to tell me how she couldn’t bear, despite what he had done, to see a life being snuffed out on order. And you know what- me neither.The crimes he committed along with the other people in power were absolutely attrocious. I simply cannot comprehend how somebody obviously intelligent can have such a warped mind and believe that he (especially being religious and thus believing in the sanctity of life) has the power to choose who lives and who dies. And we will never find out. I have read reports by journalists, protesting against people who say the death penalty is barbaric- one of the report titles in the Daily Mail English Newspaper said ‘Killing Masses of People Is OK, Hanging A Tyrant Is Not’
I never once thought this for a moment, neither does anyone else saying his execution is wrong either, I am sure. It just seems rediculous- whether you have killed one person or a million- to punish killing, the ultimate crime against humanity, by killing the guilty party. Nobody has the right to end somebodies life, despite what they have done. Surely, this is what all murder trials try to prove, to prevent; they occur to prevent further people repeating such dreadful actions.
Surely, living in captivity till death is much more of a punishment than being killed prematurely? You will have many more days to reflect on your crime and being deprived of such a basic human right; freedom.
Capital Punishment is such a backward thing; which makes me not only sick to my stomach but shocked that America endorse it and use it in many state. It is just so hypocritical. Especially considering Bush is a Christian and Murder is one of the major sins depicted in the Ten Commandments. I know it was not America who ordered his death but they could of spoke out against it but of course they wouldn’t of since the supposedly free-thinking, free nation uses it. I am so pleased my country does not use it and it was abolished over 50 years ago. Is America any better than Iraq? I do not think so. America also puts to death people on a huge scale, as did Saddam. Not by his own hand, but under his rule. Just like America. God bless America? Yeah, right? A great nation? I don’t think so? It worries me that more Americans don’t campaign against the Death Penalty. What is their mentality exactly? It makes me feel sick to think of. They are no better than all the tyrants in history if they think its ok to kill people on demand.
A lot of people are writing in blogs rejoicing words about his execution. The same in papers. The news. The same is being spoken to friends, family, strangers. Really, shouldn’t we be thinking about changing society and the world so things like this do not occur again? Shouldn’t we be talking about how to make the world a better place so events like this are a thing of the past? Yeah, we should. But who is going to actually do it? Ask yourself.